Thank you for showing interest in my storytelling experiment. The animated short “Lucid” was produced over the course of my master’s thesis and helped me explore the value-added process of crowd creation and its benefits for the creative industry. Hereinafter you are going to find the results and the survey tool, which helped me create the storyline.
The underlying question of this project was “What is the essence of a perfect story?” and the premise was to find an appropriate answer by asking as many people as possible for their version of a good story. In addition, the short will offer a guideline concerning the value of crowd-creation for the filmmaking and storytelling industry, as the perception of the online community will either validate or contradict the idea of allowing consumers to participate in the creative process.

>> The Results <<

Click on the link above and see how 531 participants answered the questions of the storytelling experiment.

From the results to the final story
The story had to be about two very similar people in their early twenties who are dealing with topics like sexuality, friendships, difficult relationships and death while their major dramatic need is family and love. Due to the anticipated length of the animated film, I chose to tell the story within a lucid dream to be able to tackle the following genres in a very short amount of screen time: Drama, Coming of Age and in a wider sense Adventure.
The storyline suggests that a new experience or an interpersonal event precedes the main story and triggered the dream. Further on, the problem in hand is – since it includes sexuality – about a conflict the main character has or fears to have with society. As the crowd didn’t wish for a plot twist, the occurring paranormal incidents slowly prepared the viewer for the final outcome and thus the awakening scene cannot be described as a major twist. In my interpretation of the story, the main character awakes after her jump to certain death and therefore the plot concludes positively.
Furthermore, the film doesn’t offer a solution. Since the animated short ends as soon as the main character awakes, we don’t know if the things she saw in her dream will affect her, if it had any connection to her actual life or if the people she saw even exist.
The film is set in the present tense in a modern city and the narration is intended to be serious, sincere, intimate and slightly optimistic. I didn’t add any color grading and the characters are displayed in a realistic manner. A first person perspective, a chronologically linear narrative, and a hidden moral complete the crowd-created storytelling.
Last but not least, the chosen musical genre is represented by an instrumental, classical, yet discreet piece by Kai Engel, named “Floret”. Finally, I would like to thank all participants who took the time and effort to help me create this story. If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to contact me via Email.

The survey tool continues below. You can still use it for your personal amusement. Have fun! :)

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